One Five One Card Condition Guide.

At One Five One, we want to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of the condition of our trading cards. Our simple and transparent grading guide helps you assess the condition of the cards you are interested in: 

Mint Condition (MINT):

  • A trading card in Mint condition appears flawless.
  • No visible flaws, scratches, or blemishes on the front or back.
  • Perfectly sharp corners and edges.
  • Gloss and colour are vibrant and show no signs of wear.

Near Mint (NM):

  • A trading card in Near Mint condition may have minor imperfections but remains close to Mint.
  • Slight wear may be visible on close inspection, but overall, the card is in exceptional condition.
  • Corners are sharp with minimal rounding.
  • Edges may show minimal whitening but are generally smooth.

Excellent (EX):

  • A trading card in Excellent condition shows some signs of wear but remains above average.
  • Minor surface wear or scratches may be noticeable.
  • Corners may show slight wear and rounding.
  • Edges may have minor whitening, but the card remains intact.

Very Good (VG):

  • A trading card in Very Good condition shows moderate wear but is still acceptable.
  • Noticeable surface wear, scratches, or whitening may be evident.
  • Corners may have noticeable wear and rounding.
  • Edges may show some whitening but are generally intact.

Good (GD):

  • A trading card in Good condition shows significant wear and may have flaws.
  • Visible surface wear, scratches, or whitening are present.
  • Corners are likely to be noticeably rounded and may have creases.
  • Edges may have whitening or roughness, but the card remains intact.

Poor (PR):

  • A trading card in Poor condition shows severe wear and damage.
  • Significant creases, tears, or whitening are present.
  • Corners are heavily damaged or missing.
  • Edges may have severe whitening or tearing.

Please note that this is just the guidance of the One Five One, our condition grading guide focuses on the overall condition of the trading cards without considering centering as a factor. We aim to provide accurate and fair assessments, allowing you to make informed decisions when purchasing from One Five One.

For any questions or specific inquiries about our trading cards' condition, please feel free to contact our customer support team at We are here to assist you with any queries you may have.

Thank you for choosing One Five One for your trading card needs!